Friday, July 31, 2009

nafisah binti daud

got her fone number
yes yes..

meet him

bobo jr



cinta.. cinta.. cinta.. apa itu cinta

me sebenarnya malas nak ckp or nak tulis anything bout this CINTA, but me kene gak menaip tok luahkan apa je yang ada dalam pale ni.. tapi yang paling pasti cinta teragung pastinya cinta sama tuhan..
windu nak bercinta..
but x bercinta x mati pon kan
xde mood la nak cerita pasal bende ni mlm ni...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


me tgh install software canon ni
pastu me xsaba2 nak upload gamba from my new anak tiri ni ha..
saba yea...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

miss miss miss miss

i love the way u call me sayang
i love the way u say I LOVE U
i love the way u say I MISS U
i love the fact that im ur bubble gum
i love the way we talk on the phone
i love the way u always listen to me even tho i told u the stories so many damn time
i love the way u bully me
i love the way u hold my hand when we r walking
i love the way u take care of me when we r outside
i love when u hug me tight
i love the way u hold my tummy
i love when u stare at my face when im not looking
i love the way u look into my eyes when we r talking
i love the way u play with my hair
i love when u let me wrap around ur arms the whole day
i love the way u smell my smelly hair
i love when u let me sat on ur lap even tho i know that im heavy
i love when u hug me from behind when we r going up the escalator
i love the fact that we can talk about anything
i love the fact that u know my favourite colour
i love the fact that u remember our anniversary date every month
i love when u laugh when im doing my angry face at u
i love when u get ketchup all over ur face when u eat Chicken McDeluxe
i love when u spend time with me even tho u r tired

but these is about past
trust me..
i miss u more than i miss myself
to the same girl that share her birthday with zul
i miss u

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

gol gol gol gol gol n gol

i never had a professional training
i never had a really2 proper team..
i never play wgreat 2 players
i had my own feveret men
shahir kadok zimam aidil toyo
these is my feveret five
one things that is fact
i never play for any team before this..
i never had a chance to play my best
but these days
i play my best n i had been the best
i play for any team n they satisfied with my play
i'm a defender but lucky me i scored 23 goals
i score everyday
i challenge everyone
i'm the smallest player on the field
i'm less skill player
but for sure..
i'm the fastest runner on the field
i'm the top scorer
yes, i'm proud with it

Sunday, July 26, 2009

gud bye n welcome

so sad..
bkn sbb nak guna duet sgt but sbb nak tolong kawan.
after a year
beli mase awal2 dapat ptptn time pektikel dulu...
sony cybershot k850i
rest in peace

so hepi
after waiting so long
i got it bebeh(hahahahahahaaaa)
canon d1000
welcome to my life..