Wednesday, August 12, 2009

these morning

last night, me tak bloeh tido coz there some thing on my mind.. aiyak.. pkl 1 xtido, 2 xtido, 3 xtido n then arini plak kene keja pkl 7 pagi.. camna ni.. then golek punya golek punya golek pon xleyh tido gak.. then me try to seal my mind.. bertenang.. then start counting ships 1 to 100.. taaadaaaa... these prince charming gone with wind..

g keje ngan bangga ni bawak motor le laju seperti ade race kat sepang.. hahahahaaa.. potong keta ni potong keta tu.. padahal awal lagi ni.. sampai tempat kerja teros punch card pastu dok maen psp jap.. then suddenly me terpikey pasal smlm.. i call my besties for me la but i know he hates me as hell.. then i received txt message from him.. die mara me.. just smile teringat pasal sms tu coz i wondering why n how could the frenship that i build can change into sumting like this....

i know i'm bad as bad as human being.. but some part of me still considered by 'suci' lagi la.. i tell everybody that i'm gonna change my attitude but xsemua benda bleyh kite ubah dalam sekelip mata.. i think ur statement is true.. like u said.. i'm not gonna change myself forever rite..
i'm the biggest loser rite..

but for me as long as i'm breathing..i'll hope i can stand bravely.. only god knows how i feel..
maybe if someone read these.. they will feel disguist.. but for me.. g mampos ko la babi...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mengeluh tak sudah...

kalu nak kira masa..
kene tgk jam dulu .. pkl bape skang ek..
i think dalam 20 tahun hidup ni.. these days la yg paling me suka.. sangat tenteram.. aman.. xde masalah.. having fun with my family.. but still hoping for enjoyment from the dissappointment.. seriously.. sangat sunyi.. sangat penat .. being fool by my own shadow.. i wish i didnt know them.. i wish i could n i deserve better than these.. those peeps.. they forgot to say thanx for the happiness that i gave them
i hate myself

Monday, August 10, 2009

wajah kesayang hamba

wajah baru
kacak bergaya

Sunday, August 9, 2009

thing that u miss about me these week..

kalah in my pes match in football competition
berbelanja sakan kat bazaar jb
da start kerja
bertambah sihat
potong rambot n have a new look
lost my weight 2kg
having fun with my mum's birthday
buy manchester united new home jersey
meet yaya yang da kurus sket
doing lotsa snap snap snap
saket pinggang

thing that u miss about me these week..