Saturday, February 21, 2009

laugh n smile n be crazy

pagi ni
g ppd sebab nak amek result spm kalu ade
pastu dieowg ckp xde
xpe la tu

then kol la abah, mama, mak, tokayah, uncle, syahmi, ika , kakcik...
sume owg tak angkat
ape agi...
si penyedih ni nak nak nanges la ape ag
mane tak nyer
da la mama says zikri demam ag
mane tau ade bende happen kat umah

then mak kol balek
mak kate tepon die abes batteri... but wut ever la janji sume owg xde pape..
sume owg sehat...
sume owg gembira

then i smile...
then i laugh...
then i think... i'm crazy...

everythings gonna be fine rite..
to u...
thanx yea...

Friday, February 20, 2009


did u know how it happen
u came n u leave..
i search for u n no sign of u afterwards..

u didn;t even trust me
i know i've doing sumting bad to u..
but why u treat me like this
like playing games..
only been payed when u bored..
hahahaaaaaa... sdeh palk bunyinya

this is why i' not ready for everything..
i 'm afraid u know..
this is the reason i'm doing the mistakes before..

but some how i need to admitt it..
i really2 love u ....
so hepi to have u back...
even not like before...

let the time tells...
if it has been writen...
we'll be together...
lets have some faith on us...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


i seee....
it so bright...
so hepi....

lately.. we tak about sumting yang merepek kan
but i'm hepi coz u still here 4 me eventhough lotsa things happen between us..

it's 3 years already...
i know u..
why i still keep smiling when i see u smile..
cam ngarot je bunyi nye...

biar la
idop aku kan
bukan susahkan org laen pon

Monday, February 16, 2009


me syahir azlie mirdad syuk cikelon dol hafiz adik bedak zahir

to u

be patient..
i can hear it last nite
u da bley tahan lame..
so bende kecik camni xder hal la kan
jgn sdeyh
jgn wat muke masam dalam kelas..
trust me
lotsa people behind ur back that u can depends on...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tah nape tah

today bgn tdo rase lega...
tak saket2 badan... tapi tau dah if a day started wif a smile it will end with sumting bad..

skang ni kan me rase lega gler idop camni
no preasure..
hepi coz everything's seems like doing good..

wut i got for v'days???
ni best ni nak cite
i got 4 cupcakes
3 l5 bouquet
a box of chocolate
a fone number which me tak sengaja dapat
and last a pic of a girl

yesterday i txt my fren
asking about her life..
then i ask her ' would u hurt sum1 just for ur own sake'
then i realise, can i do that???

today ; don't know why suddenly a fren of mine ask me
'would u lie to me'
it's just a very simple question but i really don't know how to answer that
i know i'm a terrible person before
always hurting people feeling + always tell lies + all the bed things u ever imagine

but have u ever2 think why lately i'm became silent n not like u know me before???
do u ever ever think why i'm cheating to u???

tell u wut,
for u i'll do anything to make u hepi
for u even the worlds are again me
for u i'll seal all the laugh n smile that i had before
for u i become in the mood for every things

thanx to the blue book
i can keep all the tears inside

i will keep my promise to u forever